NEWS: Duterte sees Rizal as ‘god’

President Rodrigo Duterte has revealed that he considers Philippine nationalist and martyr Jose Rizal not only a hero but also his personal god, even as the President lashed out anew at the Catholic Church and lamented the arrival of Christianity in the country 500 years ago.

“Ang tingin ko kay Rizal, talagang god, he’s my hero. And others also, Filipinos who died for the nation,” Duterte said in a television interview on Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Sonshine Media Network.

“Rizal stood against the Roman Catholic Church. He died for our country, he was shot. And then these Filipinos will go to the church and kneel down,” he said.

The President then went on lamenting the arrival of Christianity in the country half a millennium ago.

“Kaya may gusto akong sabihin. O sabihin ko na lang. Five hundred years of Christianity ngayon tanong sila — pari, hindi lahat. Anong plano? Wala akong plano. Why should I celebrate becoming of imperialism to my country?” he said.

“They brought religion, fine. But you didn’t have to subjugate my country and made my — and made my fellow brothers and sisters under the yoke of imperialism for four hundred years,” he added.

Duterte also questioned what is so special about the 500 years of Catholic faith in the Philippines as he found no reason to celebrate it.

“Ba’t ako mag-celebrate ng…? I celebrate the start of the subjugation of my country for 400 years? You must be kidding,” he said.

“I celebrate the day when the heroes of my country were slaughtered. Kaya nga itong Pilipino noong nawala siya sa ano niya — incongruity,” he added.

Catholicism was brought to the archipelago in 1521 when Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, under the Spanish flag, arrived in the islands. Since then, the Philippines – named after King Philip II of Spain – was subjected under Spanish colonial rule for 400 years.

“Celebrate it in your sector, maybe the biggest sector in the Philippines. Me, I have my own God? God who is all-knowing, who’s kind. God who does not create hell, does not create heaven. He did not create human beings just to be thrown to hell or to enjoy heaven,” Duterte said.

“My God says that you will live in a — any place where somewhere in the universe. Maybe that’s heaven. Hell, maybe a… I don’t know. You don’t stop moving. You are… There’s no kind — there’s no clear punishment actually,” he added.

“But hell is a… You say that something unpleasant for the human soul. Wala pa talaga tayong nakapunta doon. Pero ‘yung good and evil totoo ‘yan,” he said. — MDM, GMA News


Source: GMA News Online


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