(A) General Objectives:

The objectives of the Knights of Rizal are as follows:
• To study the teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal.
• To inculcate and propagate them in and among all classes of Filipino people.
• To exhort our citizenry by words and deeds, to emulate and practice the examples and teachings of our national hero.
• To promote among all Knights the spirit of patriotism and Rizalian chivalry.
• To develop a perfect union among the Filipinos in revering the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal.
• To organize and hold programs commemorating Rizal’s birth and martyrdom; and
• Wherever possible, to share these ideals with peoples of all cultures.

(B) Specific Objectives:

• To spread the ideals, teachings and exemplary life of Rizal among the Youth of the land;
• To organize chapters in any community in the world and to undertake programs of activities which will promote individual commitment to the idealism of Rizal and encourage personal involvement in the contemporary problems of the nation, and
• To train and to develop the Youth in character building, citizenship training, democratic leadership, enlightened nationalism and dedicated service to country and people.

Every member of the Order must be familiar with the objectives of the Knights of Rizal. they provide direction to every member. Admission to the Order involves not merely a ceremonial rite. It involves duties and responsibilities.